Friday, February 8, 2008

Indycar Union Possible?

Anyone with half a brain knows that big time open wheel racing in America has suffered since the 1996 split into two series. The Indy Racing League (IRL) and the Champ Car World Series (CCWS) have been at each others' throats ever since then. Now it seems there's a real chance for unification, just as the eyes of the racing world look to Daytona for NASCAR's biggest race. So did Hornish, Franchitti, et al leave too soon?

Recent reports by Robin Miller of are almost too good to be true: that Tony George has offered free cars to all CCWS teams and will incorporate several CCWS races in the 2008 IRL season. And that Kevin Kahlkoven is actually listening! But haven't we been down this road before? Just when things seemed to be getting close to a sensible deal in the past, something always seemed to happen and it blew up, both camps going to their separate corners and extending the stalemate. Well that stalemate has just about cost open wheel fans their beloved sport and while I have been a loyal IRL fan from the beginning because of my allegiance to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I've followed Champ Car and watched their races too. It's been obvious that one series is better than two, and the casual fan only cares about who runs at Indy, so it's better for everyone to get together.

I won't hold my breath that this latest news is for real until I see photos of Tony and Kevin standing together at the yard of bricks shaking hands. It sure would be awesome to see Tracy back at Indy, along with Graham Rahal, Justin Wilson and the rest. Full fields with legitimate bumping at Indy. 24 or more cars at road courses. 30 or more on ovals. Imagine that.

I guess since Tony doesn't have to feed the F1 money monster anymore, he must have some extra cash lying around so what better place to spend it than on top level open wheel racing right here in the good old U. S. of A?

Thank God. So let's strap in, shut up, go fast and turn left. Please!

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