Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rain Washes Out Day 4 of Indy 500 Practice

Now things will start to get tough. No one turned a wheel today as Mother Nature brought intermittent showers which prevented the track from even opening.

Tomorrow's forecast is even worse - maybe as much as 2 inches of rain over the next 24 hours! So by the time the teams hit the track again Friday, they will encounter a green racing surface with all the rubber of the first three practice days washed away. Cooler temperatures are also predicted so setup work done so far may no longer be relevant. These are conditions rarely encountered in a two- or three-day race weekend and the good teams always rise to the top. This is also the time when experience shows and it could be tough sledding for many of the newcomers. But that's one of the things that makes Indy so great - so many variables spread out over a two week preparation period.

Another thing that makes Indy great is the people - names to be more precise. From A to Z, driver surnames run the gamut. Oddly enough, there has never been a Smith make the race! The old guard: Rahal. Unser. Andretti. Foyt. Parsons. Rutherford. The flavor: Helio. Kanaan. Mutoh. Dixon. Bruno. And my newest favorite driver name - Will Power. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, I have spent so much time over the years just shooting race cars, that I almost don't know how to act this year with the flexibility I now have. So today since there were no cars on the track, I decided to post people pictures, drivers all, many of them champions. Could the next Indy 500 winner be in this group?


Indianapolis 500 People 2008

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