Sunday, June 17, 2007

US Grand Prix at Indianapolis - Lewis Hamilton wins for McLaren

Rising British superstar Lewis Hamilton made history again today at Indianapolis and continued his sensational season by winning the 8th US Grand Prix at Indy after a race-long challenge from McLaren teammate Ferninand Alonso. Hamilton jumped into the lead from pole position at the start and was never headed on the race track, beating Alonso into Turn 1 after his second pit stop to maintain his advantage. Alonso fought hard to catch the young Brit but Hamilton kept an advantage of 1 to 2 seconds throughout the final third of the race.

Another hot day at the Speedway saw lots of rubber laid down, another first turn shemozzle, and a delightful scrap between Ferrari teammates Massa and Raikonnen for 3rd & 4th. It was a very interesting race and even American Scott Speed did well to finish, albeit out of the points as the Toro Rosso never had the grunt to propel it down Indy's long main straightaway to be truly competitive. At least Speed finished, which is more than can be said for Coulthard and Ralf Schumacher, who were both caught up in the first turn melee which had the back half of the field scrambling and also took out Honda's Barichello.

Hamilton was incredibly impressive and has yet to finish lower than he started in the first 7 races of his Formula 1 career. This kid looks like LeBron James on wheels, a savante at the paddle shifters, a prodigy of unmatched talent not seen in years - maybe not ever. We may have seen the true coming of the next Senna and if he keeps up this pace, he will quickly make everyone forget about the tifosi and Michael Schumacher. And if this turns out to be the last USGP at Indy, it is one I will not soon forget as I can say I saw the coronation of the new F1 king, a black man winning at Indianapolis for the first time, and the re-emergence of McLaren as the dominant Grand Prix manufacturer. Mercedes and all of England must be very proud today.

Well done lad. You all should have been here.

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