Saturday, January 20, 2007

Eric Gordon & Indiana University Basketball

It's no wonder that basketball fans at the University of Illinois are upset that Eric Gordon will play for Indiana. I have seen him play many times in high school but last night against Lawrence North was something special. He rallied his North Central Panther team from a deficit in the fourth quarter with 20 points in the last seven minutes hitting shots from everywhere and icing the game from the free throw line after several unstoppable drives to the bucket where all LN could do was foul. He ended up with 37 points (one scorebook I saw had him with 40). I'm sure this win was sweet for NC since LN had beaten them recently in the Marion County basketball tournament. Most people around Indy are well aware of what Eric can do since he's done it routinely since he was a sophomore, but he was a man among boys last night and it's also no surprise that Calvin Sampson worked hard to change Eric's mind about college since he can score from anywhere, he can sky with anyone, and he is a demon on defense. I imagine this is what David Thompson might have looked like as a high schooler. I'll have more pix up at soon.


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