Thursday, March 22, 2007

IRL Indy Racing League - Real Racin'

Winter is finally over and the real racing season begins this weekend at Homestead when the Indy Racing League takes the fastest show on wheels to the banked oval in South Florida. Some folks say rubbin' is racin' but I say it ain't - especially in the IRL. Just ask Kenny Brack. You won't find any better, closer, wheel to wheel excitement than at an IRL event. Get out and see for yourself. Television does not do justice to the awesome speed and competitiveness of this series.

And since we're racing at Homestead, that means the opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway isn't far off. By the time the teams get to Indy, we should know pretty well who the title contenders are going to be, but you can bet Penske, Ganassi and Andretti-Green will be at the point of the field in every race. Now there are three women in the series as well so ladies grab your Danika gear and get to the racetrack. My personal favorite to win the season title is Sam Hornish Jr. of course but Marco Andretti will probably do it this year. He's fast and fearless and he needs a title before Honda will get him onto an F1 seat.

I was at the ethanol test at the Speedway last fall where this shot of Weldon in the south chute was taken and you will notice a distinctive sweet smell to the IRL exhaust this year as the series goes to 100% ethanol fuel. I used to say there's nothing better than the smell of methanol in the morning but now I will have to amend that.

As the commercial for Indiana Beach Amusement Park goes, "There's more than corn in Indiana." But nothing has ever smelled sweeter at the track.

Except maybe a stack of hot tires after a mid race pit stop. Go fast. Turn left. Bring it home safely.

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