Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dan Weldon Smokes Competition at Indy Racing League Opener

The IRL weekend at Homestead was a mixed bag of results for Ganassi Racing. They put a rocket ship under Dan Weldon who was untouchable the whole race and would have probably led every lap if the team hadn't had a miscue on pit lane. For a moment, I thought 2006 pit problems were going to bite Danny-boy again, but a fast car and Weldon's aggressiveness in traffic prevailed. Ninth to first in 11 laps was very impressive. The downside of the weekend was the severe leg injuries suffered by Ganassi's rookie Indy Pro Series driver, Argentinian Pablo Perez. Godspeed and get well soon.

I must say I was not very impressed by the IRL's new wing rule. If it was supposed to pack up the field for closer racing, it didn't appear to be working, until late in the race once everyone had a chance to make adjustments following the Jeff Simmons crash. I'd say it's debatable whether the wing had any effect at all. I don't think anyone wants to see the pack racing the way it was in Atlanta a few years ago, but there definitely needs to be more of the side by side action the IRL has become famous for on the mile-and-a-half tracks.

Now it's on to St. Pete. Don't expect Marco to have a bad handling car this weekend folks! And I doubt Weldon will run into anyone under yellow this year. Hopefully Sarah Fisher and AJ IV will be able to adapt and not effect the outcome. Welcome back Sarah BTW. It's good to see you on track again.


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