Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Helio Rules at St. Pete in Indy Racing League Round 2

Helio, Helio, wherefor art thou Helio?

In the lead on the temporary circuit in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Where else would he be? At least it seems that way with the way he has controlled these St. Pete events, and not even consistent pressure from Scott Dixon could force him off his line. Penske precision in the pits got Helio in and out unscathed every time and he never put a wheel wrong all day. The same could not be said for teammate Sam Hornish, Jr., however as he drifted wide in Turn 1 and lost three spots in one corner. It's tough to drive with one eye in the mirrors but Helio seems to have mastered it.

With the deadline for Indy entries coming up soon and two oval tracks up next on the schedule, could Helio just be practicing his fence climbing for 500 win #3? And how many pit stops will it take to finish Indy now with the smaller fuel cell? Nine or 10 minimum would be my guess, so now there's even less margin for error on pit road than ever before, and everyone knows the margin is razor thin on the race track at Indy anyway.

Is it May yet?


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