Friday, June 5, 2009

Texas IRL & Camping World Trucks Up Next

Sitting in the airport in Indy waiting to board my flight to Dallas for my first trip to Texas Motor Speedway and I am excited to have the chance to go for American Motor Journal. Danny Wheldon, who almost made me look like a genius at the Indy 500, was quickest in Thursday practice with Danica second, according to this morning's Indianapolis Star. Wheldon should have a great shot at pole or the win this weekend as Panther has a proven history of going fast and winning at Texas. It should be a great show and I should be able to get to the track today in time for the IRL afternoon practice session and evening qualifying. Then the truck race caps it off this evening. This will be my first racing trip flying out somewhere as most of the events I cover are within driving distance. My brother and his son are flying in from Arizona to pick me up and spend the next two days at the track and hanging out. It should be a blast since I don't get to see them all that often. They came to Indy last year for the 500 and several years ago, my son and I flew out to visit and went to the IRL race at Phoenix so racing is a good excuse to get together I guess. Right now I've got to sign off as it is almost time to board my flight and I can't get the picture I want to use to load through the airport's wifi system (but I got it in Saturday from the hotel in Dallas). I'm anxious to see what kind of press facilities they have at Texas and I've been told that it is a tough track to find clear places to shoot race action, so today we scope everything out and be ready for the racing tonight and tomorrow under the lights. I'm sure both the trucks and IRL will be spectacular.

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