Sunday, May 5, 2013

Talladega Day Two - Sprint Cup Is Next

Yesterday was certainly my longest day at Talladega - but then I've only shot here a few times. Shooting a stock car race in near darkness without lights was a real challenge as was getting from my shooting position back to the media center after the Nationwide Series race finally ended around 8 pm local time. So I'm back in the  media center already this morning and ready to get going again. My shooting position will be the same for the Sprint Cup race today and I have to thank my friends at AP for the opportunity. It looks like I got three pictures out yesterday on the wire so it has already been a successful weekend. One of the great things about shooting for a media organization like AP is you never know where the pictures are going to be used. In a quick search this morning I found one on the Denver Post website and I am hoping for more today. Here's a link to one of the sites I found:

This may sound a little crazy but one of the best things about getting up to come to the track this morning was  having a dry pair of shoes to put on! I kept my rain gear on all day yesterday and I really needed some gloves by the end of the Nationwide race but I didn't grab them before I left Indy so I had to do without. Thankfully I had a hoodie and otherwise stayed pretty warm and dry despite the unseasonably cold, wet weather that plagued the speedway yesterday. When I get back to Indy late tonight or tomorrow, depending on the weather, I will post some photo galleries with another blog update so until then, I will try to be safe and do a good job today from high atop the grandstands on the tri-oval. This place is mammoth and it's hard to get around on foot but it should be another good shooting day at the racetrack. But then every day at a race is a good day. See you at the track!

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