Monday, June 23, 2008

Sports Cars Wet & Wild at Mid Ohio: Gainsco Steals Grand Am Win

Before I left for Mid Ohio, I was hoping for a little rain to make things interesting. What we got was a deluge on Saturday and only slightly less intense rain on Sunday with a bonus of lightning. And the Gainsco bunch made it through all the carnage to blast from third to first in the last five minutes of the main Rolex Series event on Saturday to pass the Rum Bum team which was just hanging on with worn rain tires and couldn't hold Gurney and Fogarty back.

I had a great weekend and keeping the camera gear dry turned out to be the greatest challenge of the weekend. Everyone needs to go to Mid Ohio for a race weekend. I probably walked five miles over the two days I was there, but then I'm half nuts and tried to cover the whole track by myself. Or you can camp under the trees and just watch the cars go by if you choose. Standing next to a 15 foot high metal catch fence under tall trees in a lightning storm wasn't quite what I had in mind for the weekend, but then I was there at least. Thanks to Don Hamilton and American Motor Journal again. I had a bear of an editing job to do for them, sorting through over 1200 images to send them 20 or so from each race on the weekend. Whew!

Click on the following photo to see another collection from the weekend. See you there next month for the ALMS and IRL weekend. It should be awesome. Maybe it will rain then too!

Mid Ohio Rolex Series Event

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