Friday, April 15, 2011

Talladega Day 1

My day started at 3:15 this morning and I was on I-65 heading southbound by 4:45. Driving through torrential downpours off and on between Nashville, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama made the drive extremely interesting. I got to Talladega and was parked in the infield media parking at 1:45 pm Indy time so despite the conditions and making three stops along the way, I still made very good time.

When I got here, Sprint Cup cars were practicing their nose to tail dance just like at Daytona but that was essentially the only dry session and I was busy checking in with Associated Press and finding my way around so I heard the cars but had no chance to shoot anything. Only 8 cars got out for the second Sprint Cup practice before rain hit again and now track activity has been washed out completely as of 3:30 CDT. The ARCA race will go off at 8 am tomorrow morning, so Day 2 will start very early and have two races. Looks like I will be in a tower at the exit of Turn 2 Saturday.

More to come folks!
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